Downloadable Transmissions, Activations, Trainings, Meditations and Guides Audio, video and PDF downloads that provide healing/evolving support, guidance and activations on a wide variety of topics. Designed to assist you in quieting your nervous system, supporting your emotional body, creating joyful moments, upleveling your consciousness and much more.

Extravaganza of Micro-Practices

Micro practices save the day giving you healing actions you can take in just minutes. Whether spread throughout the day or done together, they assist you in clearing, energizing, calming, integrating, releasing, building, anchoring, activating and much more


Navigating a Healing Journey

Complex, long term struggles with mental, spiritual and physical well being can be daunting. This guide provides healing transmissions and activations and offers suggestions and recommendations.


Being Celebrated for being YOU

Meditative guided visualization where you experience being acknowledged and celebrated on multi dimensional levels


Thriving in Turbulent Times

Wide array of tips, tools, resources and practices that support you in thriving during these unprecedented times.


Bliss Break/Calm Break

Video you can play whenever you need a pick me up or a calm me down. Shows you numerous things you can do to feel uplifted, re-invigorated, joyful and expansive or to feel a sense of release, relaxation, quieting and soothing.


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