About Me

You are likely to resonate with working with me if you would like empowering support that is integrative, playful, deep and unconditionally loving.

You will also be drawn to me if you want to work with someone with the full array of intuitive gifts who can call in guidance from multiple dimensions and has experience in a wide variety of healing modalities.

I specialize in:

Energy Healing
I am certified in Reconnective Healing and Akashic Records Facilitation

Complex Healing Journeys
I bring personal and professional and experience in overcoming long-term physical, emotional and spiritual struggles to the table

Relationship Healing
I am gifted in alchemizing healing within relationships (with self, with others, intergenerationally, and interdimensionally)

Social Healing
I am a master in catalyzing social healing that enables people to transcend divisiveness, polarization and hopelessness

Loving Guidance
I am a profound space of love, acceptance and validation

I’ve assisted a diverse array of people in healing and evolving processes over the last two decades and have done very deep work myself.

I have experienced, studied, practiced and shared an incredible variety of healing and evolving methods, tools and practices including:

I’ve also worked with and partnered with Medical Intuitives, Intuitive Healers, Sound Healers, Shamanic Healers, Somatic Healers, Allopathic, Functional and Naturopathic doctors, and body workers of all varieties.

People in healing and evolving processes

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