Akashic Records Healing, Energy Healing, Holistic Healing Guidance

Experience more ease, empowerment and joy on your healing and evolving journey. Tap more deeply into your inner knowing and the infinite wisdom of many realms to magnify your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.
  • Have a safe place where you can let your guard down and share what is really up for you.
  • Trust that you will receive guidance and insight that will move you forward on your journey.
  • Receive healing energies through activations, transmission, light language and attunements.
  • Expand your awareness of the spiritual and Intuitive support you have available to you.
  • Learn new tips, tools, perspectives and practices that will assist you daily.

Integrative Healing Sessions

Includes: Akashic Reading, Energy Transmissions, Sound Healing/Light Language, Attunements, Mentoring, Guidance and Space to be fully valued

Healing Tools

Audio, video and PDF downloads that provide healing & evolving support, guidance and activations on a wide variety of topics

Healing Staycations

Deeply healing stay at home experiences to meet your specific desires, needs and considerations
It’s been an absolute honor and pleasure to collaborate with Marilyn on numerous levels – in consulting containers and business collaborations, in retreat settings, 1:1 sessions and in facilitator trainings to name a few. I am always impressed by Marilyn’s keen capacity to bring playfulness and instant connection into any group – her joy and openness are contagious and inspiring for all who have the privilege of creating with her. Marilyn has a definitive gift in conducting intuitive healing and guidance sessions particularly within the Akashic Records as well as a powerful attunement to activation orchestrated through light language. I highly recommend collaboration with Marilyn whether it be for business development, intuitive healing and guidance, group facilitation or 1:1 sessions. I’m beyond thankful to know Marilyn in this life and to continue experiencing her profound capacity to light up any space she chooses to play in.
Sydney Campos, CEO, Author, Advisor, Visionary

You are likely to resonate with working with me if you would like empowering support that is integrative, playful, deep and unconditionally loving.

I specialize in:

Energy Healing
I am certified in Reconnective Healing and Akashic Records Facilitation

Complex Healing Journeys
I bring personal and professional experience in overcoming long-term physical, emotional and spiritual struggles to the table

Relationship Healing
I am gifted in alchemizing healing within relationships (with self, with others, intergenerationally, and interdimensionally)

Social Healing
I am a master in catalyzing social healing that enables people to transcend divisiveness, polarization and hopelessness

Loving Guidance
I am a profound space of love, acceptance and validation

Praise for Working with Marilyn

“Marilyn is a wonderful healer with an amazing spirit, kind heart and uplifting energy. Working with Marilyn was such a gift. I received profound insights and knowledge from my Akashic records reading with her that have helped me heal and have made me feel more connected to the divine.”

Aine Campbell,

London, England

Working with Marilyn is a dream. She is highly intuitive and an overall joyful person to converse with. Her akashic reading was my first experience with the records, and I was blown away. Highly recommended!

Kyla Moran,

Mexico City, Mexico

I had the pleasure to work with Marilyn and she was so helpful in guiding me where I need to be moving in my life. Her approach was refreshing because she explores unorthodox practices while also maintaining a self-awareness and grounded touch to keep the process palpable even if you’re struggling to believe. I hold her in high esteem and recommend her to anyone who is trying to make shifts in their lives. She’s doing the work and can help walk with you as you do yours.

Samer Tawil,

Texas, USA

Marilyn’s guidance helped me change directions to a road that is much more kind and gentle. I used to learn the hard way and now I learn though love and support. I am grateful for her access to the Akashic Records and for receiving the right messages at the right time

Devorah Ariella,

Cairo, Egypt

The uplifting energy of acceptance and play Marilyn brings shifts energy effortlessly. Joy just flows out of her. She is a bright light!

Roopa Karayi,

Pune, India

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